Talents go American Record Company – 2017 Audition


Edison, NJ. ICEPNTV and New Joint Management announced today that they are seeking talented young artists, both male and female in Chinese communities to submit to record label companies in the areas of vocal performance.  Audition is set to take place at ICEPNTV Edison Studio on Sunday May 21st, 2017 from 11am to 5pm, 35 campus drive, campus 1, Edison, NJ 08837

The audition serves as a bridge for Chinese American talented artists to have opportunity for mainstream record companies such as Def Jam Recordings, Sony Music, Columbia records, Jambo Studios, Bad Boy Entertainment and Disney.

“We are widening our search to find young vocal and musical artists to submit to musical record companies,” says Casting Director Joey Hunter, owner of New Joint management, “While this open call is primarily for a specific area for the talented vocal performers, this will also enable us to keep a pool of young artists in our files for use on future musical projects.”

Applicants who fit the requirements should have their song selections ready and profile photos ready.

Interested talent should be available to audition. These are not open to the public at this time. And the casting company cannot accept drop-in or telephone inquiries.

There is a service charge for this special audition arrangement.

The audition service fee with 1-3 song choices is $250 flat fee/per applicant

$35 discount will apply for ICEPNTV “My Great Stage” talent show competition contestants who participated in the last 3 seasons at least once. ICEPN TV and New Joint Management welcomes all talented singers and musical performers to participate in this audition event and seek this wonderful opportunity.

The audition requires one-three songs. The song should be in English and the style must be pop/rock, Disney or Musicals.

The audition requires two parts.

Part 1:  One song with CD track recording

Part 2:  Two songs with performances. (Both Part 1 & 2 song choice can be the same)

Note:  The performance requires entertainment moves and incorporation of necessary dance.

First session for the tracking recording session is on Sunday May 14th, 2017

From 10:00am to 3PM in Edison Studio

The performance session is on Sunday May 21st, 2017

From 11am to 5pm in Edison Studio

ICE Production Network Inc, 35 campus drive, Campus 1, Edison, NJ 08837

To sign up for the audition, please contact us via website link for all forms


Q & A – 问与答

2017 Audition
Talents go American Mainstream Record Company

Q & A

Q:        Who is hosting this event?
A:         Ice Production Network, Inc in collaboration with New Joint Management

Q:        When and where?
A:         Sunday May 21st, 2017 in ICEPN Edison Studio.

Q:        Objective and goal for this audition?
A:         Submission to Mainstream Record companies

Q:        Which record companies to be submitted to?
A:         American and global top level Record companies, such as Def Jam Recordings, Sony Music, Columbia Records, Jambo Studios, Bad Boy Entertainment and Disney.

Q:        How many songs are required for this audition?
A:         Total of 1-3 Songs

Q:        What is the required style?
A:         Style must be Pop/Rock, Disney or Musicals.

Q:        What language are the song choices?
A:         English songs.

Q:        How is the audition going to be recorded?
A:         It will have 2 sessions:  1st session is one song CD Track recording, 2nd session is to have 1-2 songs with performances. They can be the same song choices.

The performance needs to incorporate entertainment and necessary dance moves. The song track recording and performance will be conducted on two separate sessions (days).

Q:        What is the service fee for this audition?
A:         $250 flat fee per applicant (up to 3 songs)
$35 discount for ICEPN “My Great Stage” Talent show contestant from past Seasons

Q:        Who is eligible for this Vocal Audition? And what is age limit?
A:         Anyone with vocal talent are welcome, age ranging from 8 to 45

Q:        What is the deadline? What is the maximum applicants for May 21st?
A:         May 13th, 2017. Between 25-30 Max.

Q:        How to contact ICEPN for this audition?
A:         Download the Link below

Please send your application form to ICEPN P.O. Box 45, Edison, NJ 08818 with Payment. Registration ID is to be sent to your email upon receipt of your payment.

Q:        How to get the One-Time Submission Agreement?
A:         Send E-mail to Events@icepn.com

Get Ready and see you at audition!

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